Zero timeloss certificate

What is zero timeloss certificate?

The zero time loss certification is a digital platform which bridges the gap between the certification body’s ask and OEM supply through rightly documented management system and communication channel. Hence providing zero time loss in

Project Communication 

Realtime feedback

Document Management

guidance on regulatory change

Scope change management

Accessy on Mobile/Tablet

Aldott TechSolution And Windgurd Certification Signs MoU To Develop The ’’Zero Timeloss Certificate’’

Getting the Type Certification process aligned to the internal product
development process is one of the Sisyphus tasks of your R&D-department.
The pace often seems to follow an external agenda rather than your own
roadmap to market.
Based upon 20 years of experience in certification we identified the following
features to distinguish a good process from a bad one.
 Provided documents just meet the requirements, no more
 The content of those documents to meet the standards
 Communication just in time, no nasty questions weeks later
 Block chain control for certification comment sheet
 Feedback on formal inquiries within 24 hours
 Transparent rules to enable integration of SoC from different
certification bodies
 Standardized layout of reports and certificates
WindGuard Certification has teamed up with Aldott TechSolution in order to
specify and draft the outline of an interactive certification scheme which
comprises these features and synchronizes the certification service with your
project pace. The web based portal will support online configuration of type- or
project certificate with immediate gap analysis. That’s our idea of modern
certification service. 3b9ee9bd-6e68-43ef-966f-ff369f9983cf-COLLAGE (1)

Advantage you get

  • Certificate validity check with QR Code
  • Real-time check of current supplier & their component certificate status
  • Site Specific plausibility check
  • Real-time contact with CB
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